President:   Analise Montiel president@schellpta.org
President-Elect:   OPEN* president-elect@schellpta.org
1st VP Membership:   Shayla Locklear membership@schellpta.org
2nd VP Ways & Means:   Jessica Barnes waysandmeans@schellpta.org
Secretary:   Ginger Tsai-Nguyen secretary@schellpta.org
Treasurer:   Ellen Lamb treasurer@schellpta.org


*See below of descriptions of open positions

5th Grade Committee:  


Auction:   Jessica Barnes auction@schellpta.org
Book Fair:   Iris Kim bookfair@schellpta.org
Communications:   OPEN* communications@schellpta.org
Website Coordinator:   OPEN* website@schellpta.org
Community Engagement:   OPEN* community-engagement@schellpta.org
Council Delegate:   OPEN* council-delegate@schellpta.org
Environmental:   OPEN* environmental@schellpta.org
Field Day Supplies:   OPEN* field-day@schellpta.org
Field Day Lunch:   OPEN*  
Healthy Lifestyles:   OPEN* healthylifestyles@schellpta.org
Hospitality:   Rebecca Jeter hospitality@schellpta.org
Programs:   Michele Bhagat programs@schellpta.org
Reflections:   OPEN* reflections@schellpta.org
Room Parents:   OPEN*  
School Supplies:   OPEN* school-supplies@schellpta.org
Spirit Nights:   OPEN* spirit-nights@schellpta.org
Spirit Wear:   OPEN* spirit-wear@schellpta.org
Teacher Wish List:   OPEN*  
Volunteers:   Maegan Pollack volunteer@schellpta.org
WatchDOGS "Top Dog":   Joe Jeter watchdogs@schellpta.org
Yearbook:   Brenley Garcia yearbook@schellpta.org





The Financial Reconciliation Committee meets in July

to reconcile the previous year's financial & other documents


The Nominating Committee meets in January/February

to slate the executive board for the coming year


If you are interested in becoming a part of any of the above committees, contact the committee chair

or the president at the email addresses listed! We'd love to have you!




Communications: This individual would be responsible for sending out a weekly PTA newsletter, periodic emails, and posting PTA news on Facebook. All of the information needed for these communications would be provided by the appropriate committee. All of the work can be done from home. 
Website Coordinator: This person is responsible for keeping our website up to date with PTA news, store items, making sure emails forward properly, etc. All of the information needed for updates would be provided by the appropriate committee. All of the work can be done from home. 
Community Engagement: This individual acts a a liaison between the school and the community. Ideally, we are looking to develop a sponsorship program with businesses in the community. This position would work to develop and implement this program.
Field Day Supplies: This individual is responsible for connecting with the coaches and procuring items for field day. 
Field Day Lunch: PTA provides lunch for field day volunteers who work all day and the teachers and staff at Schell. This individual is responsible for coordinating this lunch. 
Spirit Wear: This committee is responsible for designing, pricing, and selling Schell spirit wear. The process begins in the summer so that t-shirts are available at the back to school event. This is the busiest time for this committee. During the school year, we act as a pass through for groups like student council and honor choir. This means we will help get designs, pricing, collect money and place orders for these groups. This committee will also help coaches with field day shirt orders.