President:   Jessica Barnes president@schellpta.org
President-Elect:   OPEN president-elect@schellpta.org
1st VP Membership:   Ellen Lamb membership@schellpta.org
2nd VP Ways & Means:   Caroline Korshak waysandmeans@schellpta.org
Secretary:   Becca Janzen secretary@schellpta.org
Treasurer:   Caroline Noll treasurer@schellpta.org


5th Grade Committee:  

LE Yanelli

Auction:   Jessica Barnes auction@schellpta.org
Book Fair:   Ellen Lamb bookfair@schellpta.org
Communications:   OPEN communications@schellpta.org
Website Coordinator:   Nikki Simmons website@schellpta.org
Community Engagement:   OPEN community-engagement@schellpta.org
Council Delegate:   OPEN council-delegate@schellpta.org
Environmental:   OPEN environmental@schellpta.org
Field Day Supplies:   Becca Janzen field-day@schellpta.org
Field Day Lunch:   Becca Janzen  
Healthy Lifestyles:   Caroline Korshak healthylifestyles@schellpta.org
Hospitality:   LE Yanelli hospitality@schellpta.org
Programs:   Kameka Goodall programs@schellpta.org
Reflections:   Caroline Korshak reflections@schellpta.org
Room Parents:   Analise Montiel roomparent@schellpta.org
School Supplies:   Stephanie Tsao school-supplies@schellpta.org
Spirit Nights:   Caroline Korshak spirit-nights@schellpta.org
Spirit Wear:   Nikki Simmons spirit-wear@schellpta.org
Teacher Wish List:   Becca Janzen  
Volunteers:   Analise Montiel volunteer@schellpta.org
WatchDOGS "Top Dog":   OPEN watchdogs@schellpta.org
Yearbook:   Brenley Garcia & Jessica Hanson yearbook@schellpta.org





The Financial Reconciliation Committee meets in July

to reconcile the previous year's financial & other documents


The Nominating Committee meets in January/February

to slate the executive board for the coming year


If you are interested in becoming a part of any of the above committees, contact the committee chair

or the president at the email addresses listed! We'd love to have you!