Interested in volunteering?

There are many opportunities for parents and community members to get involved. Follow the these 3 steps and a PTA representative will be in touch with you.

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Volunteering opportunities with Schell PTA:

Below are some great descriptions of the current open positions below. If you have any additional questions though, we are happy to help answer! 
Parliamentarian:  The parliamentarian advises the board of directors and members on matters of parliamentary procedure, and serves as a consultant, especially in a meeting, where only the chair has the authority to rule on questions of order or to answer parliamentary inquiries.
5th Grade Committee: Should include both a LEAD and Committee members. This committee is responsible for working with the principal and the 5th grade team to plan and implement an end of year party and picnic for the outgoing 5th graders. This position is only busy towards the end of the school year as party planning begins. 
Auction: This is the big PTA spring fundraiser. This committee would be responsible for reaching out to the community to obtain items to auction off during the fundraiser. The auction runs at the end of February. Committee members can reach out to the community as their time allows. 
Boosterthon: This is the big PTA fall fundraiser. The committee members would be responsible for implementing the fundraiser according to Boosterthon rules and guidelines. This requires communicating with teachers and staff, sending home flyers to parents, submitting newsletter and email information for communications, and being a liaison with the Boosterthon staff. Much of this work can be done through email. 
Healthy Lifestyles: This is an after school program that teaches Schell students about nutrition, meditation, and general healthy habits. This committee would plan and implement this program. 
Hospitality (LEAD has been filled, but we need volunteers on the committee): To help keep teacher morale high, the PTA provides a meal or small gift each month. This creative committee is responsible for coming up with fun ways to treat our teachers. 
Programs: PTA supports and plans many after school programs for Schell students (STEM, robotics, coding, drama, chess, etc). These are programs that are run by outside organizations. This committee is responsible for working with the principal to plan, coordinate with the outside organizations, recruit volunteers, and advertise these programs for Schell. Much of this work can be done through email and phone calls. Some time at the school may be required.
Reflections: Each year the PTA provides a theme (given by the State) and students are encouraged to produce art based on this theme. The art form can be paintings, photography, poetry, dance, etc. The reflections committee is responsible for communicating the theme to students and parents (through flyers and additional marketing), accepting the applications, setting up judges for the competition and submitting Schell winners to the council level competition. This event occurs in the fall. 
Spirit Wear: This committee is responsible for designing, pricing, and selling Schell spirit wear. The process begins in the summer so that t-shirts are available at the back to school event. This is the busiest time for this committee. During the school year, we act as a pass through for groups like student council and honor choir. This means we will help get designs, pricing, collect money and place orders for these groups. This committee will also help coaches with field day shirt orders. 
Communications: This individual would be responsible for sending out a monthly PTA newsletter, periodic emails, and posting PTA news on Facebook. All of the information needed for these communications would be provided by the appropriate committee. All of the work can be done from home. 
Website Coordinator: This person is responsible for keeping our website up to date with PTA news, store items, making sure emails forward properly, etc. All of the information needed for updates would be provided by the appropriate committee. All of the work can be done from home. 
Council Delegate: This individual is responsible for attending Plano PTA Council meetings and reporting back to the Schell board at our Monthly meetings. This requires approximately 2 hours each month, but you are subject to the council and board schedule. This could be a shared position. 
Field Day Supplies: This individual is responsible for connecting with the coaches and procuring items for field day. 
Field Day Lunch: PTA provides lunch for field day volunteers who work all day and the teachers and staff at Schell. This individual is responsible for coordinating this lunch. 
Grade level room parent: This individual is responsible for working with the Volunteer Coordinator and grade level team leader to plan and implement class parties. There are three parties throughout the year: Winter, Friendship, and End-of-Year party. 
School Supplies: This individual is responsible for obtaining school supply lists from teachers and setting up kits to sell for the next school year. These kits go on sale in May to parents. Most of this work is done through email and phone calls. Before school starts, kits are delivered and this individual (plus other volunteers) are responsible for accepting the delivery and delivering kits to the appropriate grade level area. This is the only time the position must be at the school. 
Spirit Nights: This position falls under fundraising. This individual is responsible for working with community restaurants, activity centers (like Ninja Nation), etc. to set up special events where parents can go and pick up dinner or send their child to play and then the PTA receives a portion of the proceeds. Ideally, we would have one event a month. 
Teacher Wish List: Each year the PTA helps to support the teacher’s classroom needs through our teacher wish list. This individual will gather the needs from the teacher, make the order, and the deliver the items. This is often done in mid fall and fulfilled at the end of the 1st semester in December. 
Yearbook (LEAD has been filled, needs co-lead): Assist with any or all of the following: Manage yearbook promotion (create flyers for take home/email, usually 2-3 times per year), promote/manage/finalize yearbook “cover contest” with Schell librarian, collaborate with yearbook team members on book page layout, and sort/distribute yearbooks to students in classrooms upon arrival at the end of the year.